Sunday, March 18, 2012

What goes with orange?

violet of course!
Maple Corner is a vibrant orange & violet jewellery gallery nestled under a 
lofty canopy of every shade of green. It's a big corner, with a big gate leading to 
3 big green acres of canopy, winding paths and secret garden rooms. The owner, 
Barrie Salau claims he is a former Prussian Prince and direct decsendant
of the Faberge family....hhmmmm? When he's not strolling about the grounds 
in velvet robes and a septre he is very, very busy designing the most exquisite
jewellery and working on all those acres...actually he doesn't have a septre 
but I'm pretty sure he has a velvet waistcoat, or was it corduroy?

Apple green King parrots, dancing Lyrebirds, flame coloured maples, and the tallest 
Tulip tree in the Ranges! No surprises that the gardens at Maple Corner provide 
not only a fantastic backdrop for the colourful gallery but also the perfect muse 
for Barries hand crafted jewelllery collection.

More fabulous images of Barries garden, studio and worshop to follow plus a 
glossy magazine feature! Meanwhile if you are in Olinda, especially on the weekend
come and say hello, there is more to see outside the village. If you can't make it
to the hills, for a wander about the gallery and gardens just press here-

ttfn Jo


  1. What a gorgeous little studio! Orange and purple is a great colour combo but not for the faint of heart. Beautiful jewellery too :)

  2. – I can easily tell you what goes with orange.
    Duck, together with a nicely chilled dry white....

    No one takes my blog seriously!!!