Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Office | Live-work + giveaway

the nook surfing before dinner, a 20 min time limit applies 
during peak times!

the soho all present + accounted for with modern storage 
and vintage accents

the incognito is it an office, is it a study... no it's the space
at the top of the stair, super!

WHETHER YOU ARE WORKING FROM HOME (like I) or just bpaying & blogging
your life away (again, like I) then you need somewhere to put all your matchy, matchy linen magazine holders and pencil bouquets. Sadly, none of the above are rooms in my house
( s i g h ) although often some of my personal items do make it into the shots (flip flops by the pool, reading glasses on the bedside table) I don't actually live there...even though that is MY leather jacket resting comfortably on the black chair above. want to know where I bought the leather jacket?

Well if you MUST know it's from one of my favourite cities in the world, next to Sydney
and the city of Shoalhaven and I'm sure Paul Hewson (who?) has one just like it !!

The first to post the name of the city 
on my facebook page wins a copy of 
apartment therapy's  
the eight step home cure
apartment therapy- saving the world,
one room at a time.

here's how
1. Click on the link beautiful south
2. Like the page and leave your answer!
Sorry, only australian residents

For product info or where to buy 
post a message | send an email

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