Friday, March 2, 2012

Decor crisis

A marathon runner or just a half ?

The Dining table crisis has been averted, thanks to much sound advice NOT to paint it
HOWEVER another decorating crisis is looming and I mean really looming...
Avert your eyes from the golden cherubs and please note the 20 metre long hallway-
that's my 20 minutes of exercise every morning and it's in need of a serious
marathon runner or perhaps a half marathon?

my feet are kilim me
I have been weaving a weary path from rug n' roll dens to pure Persian silk gallerias and after 6 months of twists, tufts, wefts and warps I still haven't found the one! Maybe if I stop looking, hoping and waiting my runner will eventually appear, out of nowhere like a Kenyan entering the Olympic Stadium. Afterall I'm only after 20 metres of runner not 26 miles

long distance or relay? speed read the following and send help
1. One big impact Usain Bolt from the front to the back door?
2. Two 10 metre half marathon runners and some 'runner demarkation'?
3. Traditional, contemporary or's getting complicated now 
4. Colour..I love the cool colours of my pony rug ...but in the hallway, I think knot?
5. Plain, patterned, plush, Persian, patchwork, pony hair, prayer rug...
6. All of the above

Get me off the flokati track and relay some ideas my way
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  1. OMG - is that some sort of trick photography? How ginormous is your place? One rug - why cut that magnificent hallway in half? I'm loving Nepalese (fair trade of course) felt rugs at the moment, gorgeous colors and they can custom. Cheaper to buy there and have it sent rather than AU prices too.

    1. Hi tricks, all's the mountain air, makes everything bigger.
      ps. do you have a name?

  2. If you find something you love have you thought of having a few professionally sewn together. My friend did this because she couldn't find the one she loved long enough. Looked great.

    1. WOW..loving that idea..I really like the patchwork rugs..too faddy???

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